Rosemead, California

Park. The city covers 13.33km2 lands in total. Rosemead has a relatively  high density of population (4,320.63 per km2). The reason why so many people decided to reside in Rosemead can easily be understood. The well-developed educational networks, diverse recreational infrastructures, along with numerous shopping centers make the city of Rosemead a friendly community to live in.1


Fairly similar to other cities in Los Angeles County, Rosemead was originally populated by Native American (Gabrielino ethnic group). Followed by Spanish colony for approximately 2 centuries, the land was officially part of America after the establishment of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. Shortly after the Treaty, there were waves of Anglo-American immigration. Frank Forst and Leonard J. Rose were ones of the pioneers who settled in this territory. They purchased the land between Rosemead Boulevard and Walnut Grove Avenue and transformed it into a ranch for breeding and training horses. The name of the ranch was "Rosemeade" and it was shortened to Rosemead and adopted by the community. The citizens of Rosemead voted to incorporate Rosemead into a city on August 4, 1959. 2


A good school networking is undeniably crucial on making a decision of purchasing a house. Educational institutes ranging from preschool, intermediate school, high school to university and adult school are all available in the city of Rosemead. Residents can easily complete their education without traveling far away from home. 3

Rosemead is part of two elementary school districts ? Rosemead School District and Garvey School District. The former district serves residents of Rosemead with three elementary schools and one intermediate school. The Garvey School District, which is the second oldest elementary school district in Los Angeles County, covers four square-mile portions of Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Rosemead and Los Angeles County unincorporated territory. There are three middle public middle schools in the city of Rosemead: Muscatel middle school, Richard Garvey intermediate school, and Temple intermediate school. 3

The city of Rosemead is under the El Monte Union High School District which includes six different high schools under their jurisdiction. The Rosemead High School, located in the community of Rosemead is one of the schools under El Monte Union High School District. Talking about the Rosemead High School, we must not miss Marinelli Stadium located in the Rosemead High School. The Stadium is named after the former head coach of the Detroit Lions, Rod Marinelli. With such a well-established stadium at school, students have a great opportunity to exert their ability and become more all-rounded. 3

The University of the West (His Lai University) moved in Rosemead in 1996. It is one of the very first Buddhists funded universities in the United States. Also, it is the first independent professional school in Psychology in the nation to be accredited by religion accrediting association. University of the West is not a Buddhist college regardless it is founded by a Buddhist organization. It provides various degrees from Bachelor´s degree to PhD on different subject without requiring students to practice Buddhism or pledge to Buddhist faith. 4

Learning is a life-long process. You can definitely continue the pursuing of knowledge in the City of Rosemead. The El Monte Rosemead Adult School offers different programs including GED and various English Classes. A close-by adult school is extremely helpful to full-time workers who can therefore manage to take care of their careers and families while advancing themselves knowledge-wise. 3


Most of us understand city-life can be quite stressful; therefore recreations in our community play an essential part of a healthy life. There are five parks and two pools within the neighborhood, providing adequate space for residents to exercise, picnic or relax. The five parks include Garvey Park, Rosemead Park, Klingerman Park, Sally Tanner Park and Zapopan Park. These parks mostly provide at least one playground, a basketball field, barbeque areas, a tennis court, and a baseball field. The Rosemead pool and Garvey pool would definitely be a good place to go in a hot summer afternoon. 5

The Rosemead community Recreation Center features rooms which can fit as many as 300 people for dinning, making it a multi-purpose facility perfect for wedding receptions, dinner gatherings, meeting, workshops, and other special occasions. Programs for seniors, adults and youth are also available. 5

The Garvey Center is the latest built community center in Rosemead. It contains a variety of rooms for meetings and events. Many other classes and programs are also taken place in the Garvey Center. 5

Rosemead Public Library is another wonderful place to spend our spare time. It offers services to all residents with books, movies, and internet services. Diverse events are often held in the library which mostly welcomes everyone in the community. 5

Shopping Centers

There are numerous shopping centers located in Rosemead. Rosemead Square Shopping Center, Garvey Square Shopping Center and Beaches Shopping Center are some of the examples. Also, Walmart Supercenter is part of the community which provides a great variety of inventories with reasonable prices. This enormous and clean store is adored by not only the residents of Rosemead but of the surrounding cities. With such an all-around store, you do not have to worry about going to multiple markets for grocery. It saves your money, gas and invaluable time. 6


Several corporations choose Rosemead as their bases. One of the biggest corporations in the community is Edison International. Southern California Edison serves not only the city of Rosemead but many other cities in Southern California. Panda Express, one of the largest chains of Chinese fast food restaurants in the United States, is based in Rosemead. Huy Fong Foods, Inc. which is the manufacturer of the popular Chinese-Vietnamese Sriracha red chili sauce also headquartered in Rosemead. 7


Rosemead located on the North bound of San Bernardino Freeway (10 Freeway) and right in the middle between Long Beach Freeway (710 Freeway) and San Gabriel River Freeway (605 Freeway). All three freeways are main freeway in the community and can easily branch into other destinations. 8


















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